Class Seasons and Proposal Deadlines:

Spring: Jan-Apr; proposals due Nov. 1
Summer: May-August; proposals due Mar. 1

Fall:  Sept-Dec; proposals due Jul. 1

Please include the following in your proposal:

Class Title
Instructor Name
Date and time
Maximum Enrollment
Short description

Short instructor bio
Materials needed

3 References

We interview all potential instructors prior to hiring. Once we accept and publish a class, you are expected to prepare for the class and teach it as planned. 

Minimum enrollment:
Classes must meet minimum enrollment to make. Please spread the word about the classes you are teaching to help us make this happen! Minimum enrollment is 1/2 of maximum enrollment. 

We need materials lists 4 weeks prior to classes. We will provide students with a list of any materials to buy above and beyond what is included in the price of the class.

Students fill out class evaluations for every class, which we use to determine future course offerings. 

Pay rate:
We pay instructors $30/hour for contact time. 

WANT TO BE AN INSTRUCTOR? Email with your resume, cover letter, and proposal information.

Updated 12/2016