OCT 16, 6-9 PM

In this four-day workshop, students will learn filmmaking basics, from compelling vacation movies with their cell phone, or surfer vids with their GoPro cameras, to would-be producers and directors of future blockbusters. The emphasis here will be on the meaningful "tiny" film: short-shorts up to 10 minutes in length. All materials provided. 
Class Dates: October 16th, 6-9pm; October 23rd, 6-9pm; October 30th, 6-9pm, November 10th, 10-4pm.

DAN MOUER completed a professional film production course at the Germain School in New York City and subsequently worked as a professional film production manager in the later 1960s. After completing a Ph. D. in Anthropology, Dan came to work as a faculty member at VCU. Since retiring in 2002, Dan has been pursuing his love of fine-art photography and developing his skills as an amateur filmmaker in the world of digital video production.