You loved your class at Studio Two Three, and you feel empowered to print! But wait, what if you need a reminder or have a question?

sign up for GUIDED STUDIO!


GUIDED STUDIO takes place from 12-4 each Sunday afternoon and 4-8 each Tuesday night, and opens the studio for people that already know how to print but need someone to help them troubleshoot!

A monitor will be present to help with questions, concerns, or any reminders you might need! They will not engage in private lessons during this time though-- if you need to learn a new print technique, sign up for a private lesson by emailing!

ONE session for $20


Three sessions for $60

Six sessions for $100

Twelve sessions for $200



A sign-in binder will be instituted with each person’s pre-paid sessions listed by their name. The monitor will be in charge of marking the date a person uses their pre-paid session. Please check in with the monitor when you arrive!

If a user shows up for a session and does not stay the entire time, it still counts as one session use. S23 will not divide sessions when tracking use.

Users are expected to provide their own print media, substrates, and inks. Their fees cover use of tools, equipment, space, and studio monitor time.