Give your students a taste of hands-on making with S23 To-Go. We can come to your school for a single class visit or stay for a whole Print Week for all students and teachers!

We bring you professional artists trained in utilizing printmaking and photography to bring your ideas to life. We’ll work with you to integrate printmaking, photography, drawing and bookmaking in your art, history, science, language, classes and print some school swag, too!

(pick one or mix and match for a Print Week!):

SCREEN PRINTING EXPLORATION: Learn to print using pre-made screens that S23 brings, or create screens using images your students create!

PHOTO TO-GO GO: Use design software to create digital negatives from your best iPhone selfie, cat photo, or landscape. Use negatives to create Van Dyke and Cyanotype prints in S23 To-Go’s darkroom. Plus, the whole truck is a camera obscura - we can create giant landscape photographs of your school campus!

ZINE WORKSHOP: A zine (/ˈziːn/ zeen; short for magazine or fanzine) is a self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images, usually reproduced via photocopier. The possibilities are endless! Each student will create a zine on a subject of your choosing - history, poetry, chemistry, the number π - print 10 or 100 and distribute them or trade with other students!

ART & TEXT: Use your words (and images) to create banners and tapestries with our giant wood type, hand-carved maps and large graphic woodcuts. Hang them up in your classroom for all to see!

SCHOOL PRIDE PRINT FEST: Fun for the whole class! Screen print your school logo on tee-shirts, tote bags, and posters. Plus, create custom banners to encourage your teams with our giant wood type.

TEACHER TRAINING/SOCIAL HOUR: Learn print and photo techniques you can use in the classroom without fancy equipment. Plus, spend some time with other adults making prints to take home.

WORKPLACE READINESS: Students can put on a mock sale with the retail side of S23 To-Go to practice creativity and resourcefulness, self-representation, customer service, job-specific technologies and information technology.

Here’s The Scoop


Funds are available to offer discounted rates to schools and nonprofit organizations. Please inquire.

Prices include fuel and mileage within the city of Richmond or a 20-mile radius of Studio Two Three which is located at 3300 W. Clay St. in Scott’s Addition. Not nearby? We can come to you for an additional travel fee.


To ask questions or book S23 To-Go, please email us at info@studiotwothree.org or call 804-254-7302.