JUN 11, 6-9PM

Looking to start up your own t-shirt printing business? Interested in taking your screenprinting skills to the next level? Want to print sweet swag for your new band? This class will take you through the basic operations for printing on a manual t-shirt press. We'll cover tips and tricks to burn your screen, setting up registration, and briefly cover multiple-color registration at the end of class. You'll leave with 10 custom shirts.
(Note: This class only covers operations on press. To learn more about preparing artwork to screenprint check out our 'Digital Prep for Screenprinters' class.)

Class Supplies: Bring 10-15 blank shirts with you and a one color design to print. All other materials provided.

KB BROWN studied photography and print media at Old Dominion University. She has experience in both the commercial screenprinting and the DIY manual screenprinting realm. When she's not working at the studio you can find her screenprinting custom freelance jobs or in the darkroom developing prints.