This workshop plays in the relationship between word and image, form and feeling, signage and location.  Together, we’ll experiment with writing, carving, stencil-making and screen printing to create our own unique, abstract and text-based prints.  

Using surprise and ‘not knowing’ as a strategy, we will work alone and in collaboration. We will explore the delights of chance operations, the surprises of collaboration, and the freedom in working fast and loose.  

We’ll work with gorgeous transparent inks, playful typography and oblique narratives.  

You will leave with unique finished prints as a result of the process.

We aren’t building technical virtuosity. This experience is about the value of going astray and what can be found there.

First time printers/writers and those who are very advanced are all SUPER welcome.

 Pre-work:  Bring a 100 word autobiography to the class.  It should include the most important things that have made you who you are today.  It should be printed out or written on paper and be exactly 100 words. Why? You’ll see why…

Payment plan available: $25 deposit plus 2 payments of $37.50

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