with Kristin Hott
Jul 21, 1-4 pm

Not your Cookie Monster or rainbow cloud memories from the 80's, folks! (Unless that excites you)... get ready to design your own pattern / landscape and get hooked! All materials provided. Bring some of your favorite yarn to incorporate. You'll learn how to cut your own, hook and groom and have a great time.

A "retired" 90's pop music drummer, KRISTIN HOTT now makes music with color, form and history. Her hand sewn dolls incorporate vintage fabrics and buttons, and her flower crowns are bright, whimsical and Frida-esque. She makes and upcycles through her creative company, Yellow Lantern Co., from a tiny hand-built pallet studio in Mechanicsville, VA. An experienced educator and workshop facilitator, Kristin seeks out the fun and spontaneity in making and invites you to adventure along, too.