JAN 15, 6-9PM

Nearly everyone today has at least one device-a digital camera, tablet, phone, or action cam-that can make moving images. Nonetheless, there is still a wide gap between the typical Youtuber or video Snapchatter and the production of serious professional or enthusiast made small films. This three-day workshop is intended to provide a better understanding of traditional filmmaking roles and processes, giving the student tools to help narrow that gap. From the very first hour of the workshop, students will engage in the process of making a short movie which will then be submitted to the 2019 Straight 8 International Film Competition. (http://www.straight8.net)
Class Dates: Tuesday, Jan 15, 6-9p, Tuesday, Jan 22, 6-9p & Saturday, Jan 26, 10-4p

DAN MOUER is generously donating his time and expertise for this workshop. He completed a professional film production course at the Germain School in New York City and subsequently worked as a professional film production manager in the later 1960s. After completing a Ph. D. in Anthropology, Dan came to work as a faculty member at VCU. Since retiring in 2002, Dan has been pursuing his love of fine-art photography and developing his skills as an amateur filmmaker in the world of digital video production.