DEC 1, 10-4PM

Combine your handwritten notes, snapped photographs, sketchbook illustrations, and found objects into a little series of collages printed with silk-screen methods. Participants will work closely with the instructor to use collaging techniques that can be turned into framed prints, books, and zines, or any other printable 2-dimensional surface you can dream of printing on. This class will be your opportunity to test out new screen printing methods, stray away from rigid registration techniques, and challenge yourself to combine photos, text, and collected media into a small body of work.

TYLER KEYLON is a graduate of VCU with degrees in Political Science and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. He has been involved with Studio Two Three for over five years specializing in silkscreen printmaking, and never plans on leaving. Tyler is particularly interested in how visual art is used to explore trauma, healing, and drive political activity around the world.