AUG 11, 10-11A

This class is all about experimenting, exploring and loving the process. Each child will be given a blank canvas along with the tools and a variety of materials to create anything they like on it (or not). Helping hands will be standing by ready to assist the adventurous artists as needed. There are no lines to follow, rules of how to create or desired outcomes. It’s about getting their little hands dirty and seeing what they can do!

DOMINGA has a deep passion for watching kids learn how to think outside of the box through art. With two wild toddlers of her own, she has witnessed the magic of in process art first hand – daily, thanks to early-morning arts-and-crafts sessions in their home. Dominga’s creative roots run deep, having started her career at kate spade in New York and currently at The Martin Agency. She’s excited to see little ones bring their creativity to life through her classes.