with Alyssa Salomon

Become familiar with the tools, materials, and core techniques of bookmaking. Delve into details about paper, thread, adhesives, needles, knives, the guillotine, and so much more.  And of course, we’ll make some books to put all this info to work.

ALYSSA SALOMON has been testing how photography and printmaking collect and remake her favorite parts of the world since receiving a camera on her 8th birthday.  Alyssa teaches photography at VCU, but says she became a printmaker at Studio Two Three. She is a compulsive, albeit late rising, bird watcher, a frequent kayaker, and a head-over-heels chicken-keeper. Representation: Candela Gallery (Richmond, VA), Soho Myriad (Atlanta, Los Angeles, & London), Penland Gallery (Penland, NC).

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