We happily accept in-kind donations of art supplies, office supplies, tools and equipment as long as we can use them at the studio. Questions about making an in-kind donation? Email ashley@studiotwothree.org or call us at 804.254.7302

We would be delighted to take the following off of your hands:

  • Tape (painters tape, masking tape, scotch tape, clear packing tape, screen printing tape)

  • Gently used (or new) screens for screen printing

  • Paintbrushes, drawing media, watercolors, glue

  • PAPER! We LOVE PAPER! Drawing, printer, watercolor, rolls, sheets - as long as it isn’t glossy, we’d love it

  • Sewing supplies (fabric dye, needles, thread, embroidery floss, fabric)

  • Printmaking ink (etching, relief, letterpress, screen printing) Photography supplies (unused film, photo paper)

  • Cameras (in working order, film & digital, Super 8mm)

  • Unused b&w 35mm film and paper

  • Books (technical books for printing and photography, art history, fine art reference, collage materials)

  • Safety goggles, aprons, latex or nitrile gloves

  • Toilet paper, paper towels, magic erasers, simple green & krud kutter

  • Blank t-shirts, tote bags, koozies, stuff we can print on!

  • Brayers, palette knives, razor scrapers, tarlatan, new sponges

  • Laser and inkjet transparency film sheets

Other things we’d love to have

  • Functioning Epson printers, 13”x19” or larger print size

  • 2-3 Credit Card Enabled Vending Machines

  • Printing presses

  • Wood type for letterpress

  • Graphic cuts for letterpress

  • Color drums & ink for Risograph

* Please give us a call at 804-254-7302 before bringing any of these larger items to make sure we have space!