Curriculum Lab, an exhibit inspired by discarded materials from VCU’s Cabell Library, is open in our new space, The Other Side, and will be up through Nov. 19. There is a free Activity Day on Saturday, Nov. 4, 3-6pm and opening receoption 7-9pm. 

Organizer Jonathan Lee gave 20 artists each library book checkout card pocket fronts to draw on, cover, cut, manipulate, combine, or add to in any way they choose. The rules: the artwork could be any depth but had to remain 3.5x3" and should be inspired by the text on each card. Proceeds from the sale of the artwork will support the Richmond Performing Arts Alliance’s ELLA program, which brings arts-integrated literacy into lower income Pre-K classrooms across the greater Richmond area. There are several more hands-on/minds-on activities scheduled at Studio Two Three in conjunction with the exhibit; read more here and come participate!