This spring, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Free Egunfemi and Kelley Libby on Healthy, Wealthy + Wise, a project in public history, public art, and public media. The project was funded by Richmond Memorial Health Foundation's Health Equity Arts grants program. 

There is an exhibit at VCU's The Depot, 814 West Broad Street. The exhibit displays the work of all of RMHF's HEArts grantees, and is open to the public until July 22, 2018.

A short film on the Health Equity Arts Program.

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From RMHF:

Equity tops the list of RMHF’s values, but few people have a clear understanding of its meaning and importance. The word “health” generates an immediate mental image – perhaps a doctor with a stethoscope or a family growing a vegetable garden. But most people struggle to envision the word “equity.” In essence, public perception of this concept is a blank canvas. To fill that canvas, RMHF invited six local artists and artist collectives to create works of art that communicate the concept of equity and its significance to residents of the Richmond Region.  The goal is to inspire and motivate change that embraces equity by tapping into the many forms of creative expression that are alive and thriving in the Richmond Region.

Through the Health Equity Arts, or HEArts, program, artists and artist collectives will receive an award of $10,000 to support their individual projects.  They will also participate in periodic discussions to share their insights and progress with each other and Foundation staff. Their completed works will be exhibited at RMHF’s offices and other locations in the region.

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