This year, we wanted to say thank you to our donors with a little gift box that encapsulated the magic they made possible in 2018. We chugged a lot of coffee, assembled 200+ cardboard boxes (generously donated to us, coincidentally) and filled them with a print, photo or bit of ephemera from each month of the year.

Our event space was literally covered in boxes and it was a fantastic reminder of the fact that Studio Two Three exists because of the generosity of so many in our community.

We hand-delivered most of the boxes and mailed a few, too.

It was also A LOT of work! It also really, really mattered to the people who make this place possible and was therefore, COMPLETELY worth it.

We were tagged in so many gracious posts on social media, received phone calls and emails thanking us for the gifts, and it was truly our pleasure to give a little something back to those who give so much to Studio Two Three. Saying thank you with joy is one of the best feelings I’ve ever experienced, and we are fortunate to have so many to thank!



“As a fellow nonprofit professional, I wanted to tell you that my gift today is totally due to the exceptional cultivation gesture your annual report demonstrated! Brava, and Happy New Year! “

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