We participated in Giving Tuesday for the very first time this year and were thrilled with the outcome. We’ve been on the fence in past years because there is SO MUCH cacophony on Giving Tuesday from so many very worthy and deserving organizations.

We decided to give it a try - we put a goal of 10k out into the world and got pretty darned close for our rookie year!  


Here's a little Giving Tuesday breakdown by the numbers:

  • $7,500: Dollars raised. this includes Facebook matching funds of $300 (they matched funds up to 7 million starting at 8am until they ran out, which happened around 10am)

  • 103 Total people who donated; by far the most we've ever had in a day!

  • 56 New Donors

  • 47 Returning Donors

  • $800: Largest single gift

  • $75: Average website gift

  • $46.50: Average Facebook gift

  • $20: Most common Facebook gift


We spent a few days preparing content for social media, newsletters, and personal emails to make our Giving Tuesday asks go as smoothly as possible. Staff, artist members, teachers, volunteers, and board members all shared personal emails with their networks, as well.

We sent WAYYYYY more emails through our newsletter than we do on any other day. The risk, of course, is irritating people who are like “Please shut up about Giving Tuesday already!” We segmented the list as much as possible to make sure we didn’t re-email people who had already opened our previous emails.

We did a little tote bag incentive giveaway which got people excited - everyone loves swag!

My personal favorite part of the day was creating a Facebook fundraiser on my personal page. I’m not super active on Facebook generally, and on Giving Tuesday I was GLUED to my page. I selected a personalized GIF for everyone who donated and thanked them with a goofy little moving picture in response to their gift. GIFs for GIFTS, y’all! It made it really fun and personal and just the right amount of (completely) goofy.


We personally called every single person who donated on Giving Tuesday to thank them. This of course took some time, but people loved the calls and it was a great opportunity to give thanks and connect more deeply with our community.


We will participate in Giving Tuesday again in 2019 (hopefully this isn’t HORRIBLE news to anyone reading this who is totally over the Giving Tuesday thing). We loved connecting with people, having genuine interactions through phone calls and silly Facebook interactions, and it gave us a great platform to connect with new donors and share some of the many people and things that make Studio Two Three special.