The festivities in full swing; photo courtesy of Robert Schnell

The festivities in full swing; photo courtesy of Robert Schnell

The Richmond Beefsteak raised over $18,000 for Studio Two Three’s programs. Everyone who bought a ticket, sponsored, bid on art in the silent auction (of mostly food-themed art) made this possible.

This was a first-time event for Studio Two Three, and made an enormous impact in our ability to offer our free and low-cost programs for our artistic community, as well as gave us additional funds to pay toward our capital expansion. Plus, it was a great party, a ton of fun, and in the grand scheme of nonprofit fundraising events, pretty dang easy to pull off!

On Saturday, February 16th we opened the doors for 150 friends - old and new - for The Richmond Beefsteak benefitting Studio Two Three. This is the brainchild of Jamie Gregory, Studio Two Three board member and THE Beefsteak guy.

Here’s how it worked:
1. Buy a ticket (a majority of the ticket price is a donation to Studio Two Three)
2. Show up
3. Put an apron on
4. Start drinking cocktails and eating 2 courses of meat with your hands
5. Move to sit down long communal tables
6. Consume courses 3 and 4 at communal tables while continuing to drink cocktails and meet new friends

The food was from ZZQ and was, of course, amazing.
Free Run Wine Merchants provided fantastic, organic wines.
The Veil Brewing Co. kept guests happy with some crisp, lighter IPAs
Belle Isle Moonshine provided light, Moscow Mules

Here are my big takeaways from the event:

Studio Two Three | Richmond Virginia | Scott's Addition | Beefsteak
Studio Two Three | Richmond Virginia | nonprofit | fundraiser
  1. Board Member Trophy is in Order: Jamie and his wife Neil worked so hard on this event and took true ownership of it. They got their friends there, they hosted-with-the-mosted, they introduced the studio to their friends and colleagues and made it so very easy for Studio Two Three staff to host a large, first-time event successfully. We didn’t make them trophies, but we did make them meat crowns, which are probably better.

  2. Artists as Ambassadors: Our artist members, interns and volunteers staffed the entire event from serving food to bartending. We learned that for future events, it makes a lot more sense for them to be able to mix and mingle with guests, talk about their own art making and make some new friends and contacts. Staffing service here we come!

  3. Non Meat Options: We have a TON of vegetarian and vegan members and supporters and of course, they’re not interested in a totally-meaty event. For future events, there will be vegetarian options!!